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Como Aprender Inglês por Conta Própria!


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1. Do you know if they are talking about us?
    I don’t think so.

2. What do you think about opening a language school?
    I’m thinking about the matter...

3. How many languages do you speak?
    I speak English and Portuguese. But I understand Spanish too.

4. You are speaking and writing in Portuguese very well!
    Thank you very much. All that I know, I’ve learned from this course!

5. Do you know anyone who speaks Portuguese?
    Yes, I do. I have a friend who was a missionary in Brazil for two years.


1. Do you know any foreigner?

2. Do you prefer to dance or to talk?

3. What do you think of your country?

4. Are you working more than last year?

5. What are you thinking of this method?

6. Are you studying Portuguese every day?

7. Besides English, what else are you studying?

8. Are you thinking about learning other languages?

9. What do you usually talk about with your friends?

10. How many people do you know who speak Portuguese?

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