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My Declaration of Love

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Você se acha tímido(a) para fazer uma declaração de amor? Leia o artigo de hoje - Minha Declaração de Amor - e veja como pode ser mais fácil do que você imagina...

My Declaration of Love

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Do you think you are too shy to make a declaration of love? See how it may be easier than you think...

Some years ago, I wanted to give a friend of mine a special gift for her birthday. After writing her full name vertically, I started writing some positive things about her - beginning each line with a letter of her name.

When my wife noticed that, she commented: "It's been a long time since you dropped me a line, dear..."

I got the idea.

Then, two weeks later when we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, I tried to do something different: a declaration of love.

After requesting a friend to make it in his house, I invited some other friends to his house (we were 25 people in total).

We prepared some cakes, and another friend of mine prepared a quick talk about the importance of families.

Then, I invited my wife and kids to visit the house where everyone was waiting for us, and with the soundtrack of ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’, I read…

Sunshine of My Life:

On occasions like that, it's natural to talk about love.

Even more common is talking about your dearest one. As I'm a very common guy, let me talk about the love of my life: MARTHA.

When we first met - or at the tenth, twentieth time, whatever – as we had already met before – but when our eyes really met for the first time, mine didn't want to leave hers anymore...

It was a warm December night in 94, the 28th, and we went out for an ice cream. Kiwi. The stickers are safely kept up to today, in one of those boxes that old people love, and young people pretend they don't... but do.

On that same evening, I invited myself:

"May we spend the New Year's Eve at your house?"

Admired by my shameless request, she agreed, not believing I would really be there...

On the 31st, when I got to the bus station, she wasn't there - but had left in the previous bus. I caught the next (which was also the last of the day) and tried to find her mother's farm for the first time - with a little map drafted on a piece of paper.

In less than 24 hours, we were already dating, and watching TV in her living room!

She started to date me first, when we visited a waterfall close to her house. A little distracted, I just realized it in the living room, when we kissed for the first time. And what a kiss! But her real greatness became clearer to me when we visited together the house where I used to live - which would become our home. It was a very simple house. (And I really mean it.)

Her first words have been in my mind ever since:

“With a little effort, it will be all right.”

And making our life ‘all right' is what she has been doing these last 13 years, with her support, counsels, sense of humor and patience.

Four children later, many pampers and baby bottles, many stitches and plasters, many lines to stand on and bills to pay, tears and laughter shared... I can say that I love her more than I've ever loved before.

That's why she is so pretty, I don't even need to mention. But the qualities she has within, time has been telling one by one...

Her gratitude for simple things, her hope for better days, her good intentions and her dedication to work are qualities that I recognize, admire and try to imitate.

May the future find us together for 13, 30 or 300 years, for good and bad times, in this sphere or in the next one...

Till the last kiwi ice cream is gone. :-)

It's Your Turn...

Want to make your own declaration of love? Here are some tips:

  1. List the qualities you admire in your loved one.

  2. Remember some details of your relationship, as special words you use to call each other, some places you've visited, and any other detail that makes him/her feel special.

  3. Choose a day, time and place – invite your friends and…

  4. Speak your heart out!